Sunday, September 25, 2011

weekend without hubby

This is the first weekend that hubby wasn't here so it was a littt-ttt-lle wierd. But it was good for my husband to have time to be at home, be lazy, not have to drive five hours to see me, and good for our little toyota.
we did skype alot though:
It's nice because we just skype but then do other things ( i blog and he watches football)
so it's kinda like we're hanging out.

The good thing was that I had tickets to a show at A.C.T (I did one of those groupon/living social deals and I scored four sets of tickets!).
 On Friday Jomar and I met up with one of our friends from way back when, Paul, and had a drink. It was alot of fun to catch up and it was weird to think...are we actually grownups? 
i'm not.
the view from where we were sitting:

me looking like i'm 5 and cheesy...

 I told Jomar I was going to post this...

Then off to see the play: Once in a Lifetime.

then I was bad and got a donut....

Saturday I met up with my brother and dad and we ate Japanese and then went and saw the new Ryan Gosling flick. 

I love you husband but I have major celebrity crush on Ryan Gosling.

Then on Sunday a little J-town and then I parted ways with everybody.

Caught a little live music on Union square.
Bought myself a little brie sandwich and an  CafĂ© au lait and had a little date with myself.

and I got a good start on my scarf.
loookit! I did more than purl and knit!
I will finish a project!
(I keep telling myself that)

Now I'm home planning my time back in humboldt next weekend!

I love being back in the city but it will be nice to be home and be surrounded by lots of friends.
just how i like it.

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Kat, I love this blog post! You seem to have amazing weekends in SF, even if your hubby can't be there in person. I love the picture of Ryan Gosling (ps he has Another movie coming out soon).
Wish I could go to Humboldt with you. Give our friends lots of love and hugs!
Oh and I can't seem to figure out how to post a comment under my login name. :(

Anonymous said...

By the way the Anonymous person in me, Nat!

Anonymous said...

Your Dad sounds sooooo cool.

Love, Dad

mekatsu said...

i love you guys!

Pablo Russo said...

Your friend Paul sounds amazing. I care about those photos a great deal.