Tuesday, September 6, 2011

heart shaped egg and a tuesday morning breakfast

I saw this online and had to post!

so cute!

Immma going to try it!


I love eggs.
So I found this recipe to make for breakfast:

follow their blog if you don't already!

Happy Eats! 

I actually made this~
I was craving a little bit of everything:

baby heirloom tomatoes
baked tofu
a crispy english muffin
and an egg
with trader joe's hot sauce.



Jada said...

smitten kitchen is one of my fav food blogs!

mekatsu said...

me too!

also 101 cookbooks.

have you made anything from smitten kitchen?
i need to!

RACHAEL said...

your breakfast looks AMAZING. i think breakfast is probably my favourite meal :) and those heart shaped eggs are way too cute x

MollyJoy said...

i've been following smitten kitchen for a while now and am always inspired! part of my love of baking and cooking is creative and appetizing presentation, which you've done beautifully with this simple, amazing, and delish breakie! xo

patience said...

i'm am fascinated about how that egg thing would work!

mekatsu said...

it was a good breakfast!
and if anyone does the tutorial on the heart shaped egg-send me a picture!