Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Camillis

I love Christmas.
and if people wouldn't give me strange looks then I probably would celebrate it year long.
 working at a coffee shop during Christmas was the best because sparkly lights and making cozy drinks for customers made work not work.

Kris and I had a huge party last year when we actually had space. this post is a little picture heavy...

This year.
no tree.
I think it's because we feel a little in transition in this little studio and we didn't even get a tree.
but we did make a christmas card wall.
which makes up for it.

Kris and I actually took pictures this year. Maybe it's because we are older but we sure got alot more christmas cards this year.
we felt pretty grownup sending out cards.

here our some that didn't make the cut:

Happy Holidays dear friends!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

cook everything in your pantry night

I have alot of odds and ends floating around in our fancy pantry ( a bookshelf) and our fridge (no mold....yet).
I kinda like the feeling of using everything up.

I had tofu that I've been meaning to bake, an old pad thai flavoring packet ( I swear that I've had it for three's followed us from three homes...oops), soba noodles, and leftover veggies from the week.
So I made a pad thai of sorts, baked tofu and a throw everything in kind of fried rice.

it turned out quite nicely.
here's our dinner.

leftover soba noodles with the pad thai mix.
a mini red bell pepper with green onions that I had used for lunch too.

whatever was in my fridge: eggs, turkey bacon, broccoli slaw (used in my salad for lunch)

so good. I love baked tofu.
When I was growing up, I always thought tofu
was spongy and weird.
And then I discovered baked tofu.
and It's consistency was almost like cheese!
love it.
and I kept buying silken tofu and realized that that brand
does not work for baked tofu.
it took me awhile to realize that.

and now here's my yummy salad
that only consisted of mixes I bought at safeway:

sweet butter blend mix, broccoli coleslaw mix, two mini yellow peppers
and green onions.

have you created anything fun and inventive with what's left in your fridge?


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


i made cookies for a little potluck my play development class had.
I was very proud of this group.
we had an amazing potluck.

If someone had told me at the beginning of the semester that this would have been one my favorite classes I had ever taken i would have laughed.

ugh. i'm shy. I can't speak my OWN words. out loud.
and was even more awkward because I didn't know a soul.
And writing can be oh-so scary.

This class was so open and positive that even I could write.
it's nice to push yourself a little and feel rewarded in the end.

so I thought cookies would be a good way to end it.

I made three kinds.
Pumpkin chocolate Chip Cookies.
Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cookies.
caramelized sugar cookies.

I love these Pumpkin cookies because they are so easy and super moist.

I got the recipe and this picture from here

my creation:

then I made the flourless chocolate cookies.
recipe and this picture from here.

Super easy and messy.
here's how it looked:

then you patiently wait for them to crackle.
pout look needed.

the third batch...process of elimination!
were the caramelized sugar cookies.
Recipe and picture from here

my little brother thinks they look strange
and mayyyybe they do.
but they are delicious and even better after a day or so.
It's fun and a crackly kind of recipe.
you get to melt the sugar, cool it then crack it!


my cookie tray:

happy tuesday
eat a cookie

a little sorta rhyme just for you.

Monday, December 19, 2011

knitted wave blanket a.k.a I made something!

i actually finished a huge knitting project!
(pat on the back)

I am THE worst at finishing projects.
I almost want to show you my basket of yarn that has multiple unfinished little things.
it's a mess. 
and i think it ate one of my hairbrushes.
no joke.

one of my favorite couples had a baby and we threw them a little friend get-to-gether and I knit them a blanket.

two things I will share and you must do!
1. this pattern (looks complicated but it's so easy! I only do easy patterns. seriously.)
You can get the link Here : make sure you read the comments because the creator wrote out the pattern so it was easier. But if you make it I can give you pointers. I'm the worst knitter and I made this so you can too.

2. this strata recipe (easy peasy breakfasty brunch type of thing that was wonderful)

recipe and picture from smitten kitchen

the party was a success!
I don't really have pictures.
buuuut we created a little keepsake book for them.
Here are a few of the few pictures i did take

We used our mini instax camera and I bought colored vintage looking paper and made an instant book as the party went along.
So at the end of the party they had a book of mini pictures and little notes of love when they left.
It turned out so adorably adorable.
I'll try to get a picture.
pink mustaches were involved.

it was that good.

and their baby is too adorable.
Congrats to the Hasslers!