Monday, September 5, 2011

like for real Chinese food.

I love Chinese food. 
I went to a place near my Uncle's house.
 near twin peaks.
 near the safeway. 
just up the stairs to the right.
All season Seafood restaurant.

I think there are new owners because the last time I went there there was a huge bar and a karaoke machine.
It's changed a-loot.
It's a little fancier and they have fish and lobster and other swimming creatures.
like this!

there were two menus and we ordered a pretty safe menu. 
One menu is very american.
And then the other one is much bigger and thicker!

next time I want to be daring!

silk worm salad!
goose intestine!
frog legs and ginger sauce!

who's in?

Hope you are having a good day and being more daring than me!