Tuesday, September 6, 2011

saturday at the ferry plaza farmer's market.

Kris and I had the day to ourselves before some of our favorite friends came to visit.
So we headed to the farmer's market on the ferry. Beautiful weather!
Armed with our grocery cloth bag we were ready.
Of course Kris and I always find that first person who is sampling and we end up staying there the most!
We bought some brittle, home-made Kimchee, grapes, and flowers.

We ate at a food stand: Primavera
So good.
But everybody in line (it was a long one) wanted their breakfast dish.
Right when Kris and I got to the cashier.They ran out!
It looked so good and I couldn't quite get a picture.
One woman tried to sell hers for $20. I think she was serious...
We ended up getting the Huaraches: 
Masa Cakes with refried pinto beans, salsa de arbol with tomatillo, cotija cheese, lettuce, sour cream, cilantro, and onions.
It was good but I know that everybody sighed out loud when they announced the breakie dish was gone.
Next weekend:)
also watched a little petite woman scarf a burger down in 30 seconds (think the carl's jr. commercial).
I know I shouldn't have stared but I couldn't help it.
I want to get what she got.
next weekend for sure.

I also tried a raw spicy avocado "noodle' salad and fresh strawberry lemonade drink from Alive!
we some zip liners zip over us.
i wish i had the nerve to do that!

then we ventured to the Noe valley/Castro area to get a cookie and some knitting needles.
a little rest in Dolores park and we saw there was a free mime troupe show!


good day in the city.

love from SF!


Off the Cuff said...

Oh, I miss San Francisco! Sounds like a great weekend, Kat! You have to try zip lining...it's so much fun!

mekatsu said...

ok! I will-soon!
Miss you in the city!