Thursday, September 15, 2011

getting crafty

I promised to get craftier or at least to finish what i started!
I learned how to knit from friends and I watched this video over and over again:
it has some pretty sweet music too:)
I also learned knitting from Sunni. She owns THE most adorable yarn store. If you want to take a class take one from her if you are in the Humboldt area.

I wish there were pictures of her adorable shop online. It is so charming!

I'm embarrassed to show you my collection of yarn that has been collecting dust. 
Since I see yarn and feel the need to buy it-I have quite a basket full.
I found this project thru ReadyMade (one of my favorite magazines).
also. while finding the link for ReadyMade I read that they are shutting down:(
They have the best projects! sigh...
ok so this one is so easy!
(I've made one for my brother-I'll have to dig up that picture)
I love it because it's just a Knit pattern and no thinking involved ( my kind of project)
one day I'll be crafty like the one sheepish girl blog.

but for now:

the instructions are here.
I love this project because you can use leftover yarn and really make the pattern anything you want.
Happy knitting!

some pictures from my night of starting to knit (again).

my first choice! 

cast on.

 found these at a flea market for all of my projects!

aren't they adorable?

a project i actually finished!

Happy knitting!