Tuesday, January 3, 2012


i love this time of day.
When the sun starts to slight set and it's golden outside.

It's such a beautiful day in san Francisco and I'm enjoying every last minute in this apartment.

we are moving to another place in the city! details later.

so i'm enjoying this last afternoon when everything has a place and it feels lived in.
I always have a hard time moving from places because I get attached and don't want to stuff things in boxes because
it doesn't feel like home.

I am looking forward to our new location and hope that I live there for more than a year!
I'm tired of moving and am excited to stay put for a bit.
I've been pinning quite a pit on Pinterest and hopefully i'll put that to good use at our new home.

I'm knitting right now with the window open and you can smell neighbors preparing dinner and it makes me feel homey and safe and of when I was little.
I'll try to blog a little as we move into this hectic moving phase:)