Friday, September 16, 2011

biscuits for my brother

My brother and I went to Off the Grid again in upper haight. I was looking forward all week to this and I hope our budget will let us make this a tradition!
My brother tried a vegetarian curry burrito and I tried a pork sisig plate: a scoop of rice, pork with jalapenos and onions, a pickled radish of some sort and a fried egg on top! I miss filipino food from home so this was comfort food on a misty evening. 

My brother ended up staying over so I made him breakfast!
I followed Julia Child's recipe for scrambled eggs which is made delicious because of the butter and cream :)
and I made homemade biscuits. I had to find a super easy and one without a ton of ingredients because my kitchen is looking a little sparse. I found this one from

Hubby is in town this weekend and we are going see some plays, listen to music and go to the book signing at Omnivore with Alice Waters!

Happy Friday!


the yaney's said...

Hi Kat! I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I check in quite often. Have a great weekend with your hubby!

Terra (McConnell) Yaney

mekatsu said...

Hi Terra!
So good to hear from you!! I'm so glad that you have been following-are you blogging now too??

Miss you friend!


the yaney's said...

Yes, I have been blogging for a few years now. Message me your email through FB and I will add you to my reading list...if you like. I have mine set to private.