Saturday, September 3, 2011

first week in sf with pictures ( a little late)

a little late in the making but here goes:

our first week consisted of course with eating at favorites and new eats.

note to self: need to remember to write down what I'm eating after I take the picture.

pastries in Japantown.
aren't these adorable?

anniversary hat picture.

and I always have to get spam musubi. It's wierd I know.
but that's why I like to order it.

Here is a a link to a recipe for it.

burma superstar goodness.
this particular dish is their Vegetarian Samusa soup.
samusas broken up with falafels, lentils, cabbage, and onions.
also I love the pumpkin curry and of course you have to get their house favorite:
Rainbow Salad: 22 ingredients! noodles, tofu, papaya, onions, so much goodness.
this place is always hoppin' we always call ahead put ourselves on a list and grab a drink around the corner until they give us a ring.
also we went to one of my favorite book stores.
Green Apple Books
the hubby accidentally broke my last mug from there so I needed a replacement as well.

then the hubby left to go back to Humboldt.
Sad day:(
My first day of school my brother and I went to a Vietnamese place on Irving called Yummy Yummy.

I got the stir fried clams with basil.

and we shared Muc chien don (fried squid)

Good end to the first week back at school. It's hard to get back into the rhythm of homework and classes. But knowing I have good eats to end my day always helps:)

I'm almost caught up on recent eating adventures!
Happy Saturday!