Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hello Friends!
the weekend is almost here and I'm ready for it. This semester I feel like how I should feel at the end of a semester. Does that make sense? School has been full of homework (what's that?), reading, and stage managing a dance show (one...I don't dance....and two...I've never stage managed...this should be interesting). All I want to do is stop my hoarding ways and organize our apartment ( I still can't believe that we have all lived here a month!). We have had friends visiting almost every weekend so we have been gogogogogogoogoogogogogoggoooo nonstop. Which I love but it also puts me behind on many to-do lists. Also! This house is hard to get things done because we all truly like hanging out with each other. We watch silly tv, cook dinner, and half of us are reading the Hunger Games so there have been nights where we call it a "reading night" and we get our fireplace going...sigh...And then it's the end of the night and nothing "important" has been done. and...i'm ok with that:) Ask me again at the end of the semester.
This weekend Kris and I are going to paint one of our roomate's rooms and actually make it a place he wants to hang out in. It looks like he just moved in even though he has lived there for 4 years? I'll take pictures. 
I plan to write, drink coffee, paint, start my thankful project ( I'll explain later), and homework. 
Also. Is anyone else watching the Bachelor besides my cousin and I? I'm a little embarrassed to say I am highly addicted. 
Did I mention we went on a SegWay tour??

Oh summer. I'm looking forward to you.

Here are some pictures of our recent life:

i'm addicted to Pika Pika in Japantown.

What my husband does a lot of.

my favorite owl ring.

scorpion bowl for a birthday.

tofu bowl.

cute faces in icecream.

waiting to see Jomar's play at the Magic.

my breakfast at Q.

magnet fun at Q.

Kara Kara ( a blend of grapefruit and orange from my Uncle's tree)
seriously. one of the best things I've eaten.

I had a facial.

i need this. I want one. 



two frames from a friend.

how many kara karas we have left.

my tile project.

our almost finished hallway.

running errands.

Jomar, Damon, and Jennifer at the play "jesus in india".

prepping the cauliflower for mashed "potatoes".

a medley of sorts.

our dinner plate.

bye for now friends!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

oh hello!

I got busy again. I mean real busy and I stopped blogging.
I really need to stop doing that.
This last month has been hectic and now I'm getting a bit of a cold.
We moved out of inner sunset and now we are just across golden gate park in the inner richmond.
I love it.
I never thought I would love having roommates while being married but I really do! Especially when it's with one of my best friends, my little brother and my cousin!
I think also having a bedroom with a door and not living in a studio helps too.
the house is a mess. I feel like a hoarder.
maybe I am.
This last month has been full of moving, vegas, school, school, visitors, and just really enjoying my time in this house.
I've decided when life gets busy I'm just going to post my week in pictures.
my week:

proof that it got glittery in vegas

3rd cup of coffee for my monday back after vegas

got to class a little early for my super crowded sign language class
organizing my day

stage managing for a day

rainy day

tabouli and a wheat bagel

a package from dear friends

the post office had a hard time with my name

dinner with hubby

having a fireplace is a wonderful thing

sleep is a wonderful thing


roomies trying to not laugh while pranking hubby

made kale chips

kylie visits!

enjoying having velo rouge as our neighborhood cafe

lox bagel

hubby was locked out of the house and looked adorable

lobster bisque from belden place

the view lounge in the marriot

segway tour!

break on our segway tour: palace of fine arts with bro

isobune floating sushi boats in j-town

spur of the moment commercial shoot with malcolm and mychal and floating sushi.
oh and a japanese photo booth.
of course.

scorpion bowl!

sushi plates. they were priced by the color of the plates.
the gold was THE most expensive.
hubby grabbed that one first by accident.
oh BFG.

breakfast burritos! I got a little crazy.

the boys of the arguello home

that was a little picture heavy.
a-lot happened this week:)
for the few that follow,
i will update more frequently.
after I nurse this cold.