Thursday, September 8, 2011

sunday in the city.

Sunday was spent with visiting friends.

We had a lovely day from start to finish.

Breakfast at Chloe's Cafe in Noe Valley.
Omnivore bookstore.
A walk thru Noe Valley and window shopping.
a quick game of neighborhood chess.

Blue Bottle Coffee. 

a nap.

drinks at churchill.

a quick ride on the J.

dinner at Front Porch.
(I'll post pictures soon!)

and finished with a little hookah.


I love my neighborhood but I miss living near the mission.

have a looksee:

What did you do for labor day weekend??


oomph. said...

loved your pictures...especially the dogs and pics of coffee :)

do you use the iphone app, or instagram? love the filters.

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mekatsu said...

I'm obsessed with dog pictures:)

Thanks for the sweet comment!

I just went over to your blog! I love it!

So cute-you'll have to give me tips on my new blog!
I love your latest post and I'm def. going to enter!

I use instagram and diptic.
I'm saving up for an actual camera:)


Macey Lyons said...

I'm jealous of you! :) I Love Blue Bottle Coffee....BEST latte i've ever had!! P.S.- I love reading you blog...keep it up

mekatsu said...

I love that you follow:)

You and Kylie should plan a girl trip and visit me!