Wednesday, September 21, 2011

make this! ~Japanese cold noodle dish~

this is a comfort food for me.
It makes me think of summertime and being a kid.
My dad would make this especially during hot summers.
super easy to make.
I'm also feeling a little sick so it's comforting.
Japanese Cold Noodles.

you will need:
Memmi sauce. I know that some Safeways carry it and some asian food stores. Here are some places you can buy it from online. 

The noodles: somen japanese noodles

tomatoes~ i prefer canned because they come seasoned and sliced already because it's quick and that's how my dad made it :) ~
 2 or 3 eggs depending on how many people (one person per egg should do)
 I like to make extra for possible leftovers since the noodles are a breeze to make ~boil and slice them up when cooled~

 a couple of green onion stalks ~ slice them up!

So first get those noodles boiling. In that particular brand I use two bundles (good for two people and some leftovers).
These only take a few minutes to boil.
I test them just like I would spaghetti:)
Strain then put it in a bowl and put ice cubes in the bowl to start cooling it down.
If you have time do this at least an hour before so they get nice and cool.

I like to check them with my cute cooking chopsticks
from my friend Jackie went she went to Japan:)

I like to leave my Memmi Sauce in the fridge always so that it's always cold.
I put it in a measuring cup and actually measured it out this time! I usually just eyeball and taste it as I go.
It's supposed to be salty so you can always add water or more sauce for your liking.
I used 1/2 cup of memmi sauce and 1 1/2 cups cold water.

the  key is to have cold cold noodles and the cold memmi.
It's a cold dish:)

Ok! then you just assemble.
Noodles, memmi sauce (you don't really drink it after cause it's salty but I like to cover the noodles), add some toppings and voila!

My 2nd helping:)

p.s. remember you can always make the sauce with how much memmi you want annd you can always add different toppings!



RACHAEL said...

yummmmy, i LOVE japanese noodles dishes... we actually eat ramen for dinner pretty much every sunday night and it's my fave :) x

Agora tô pronta said...

So Delicious!

Roberto Fioravanti said...

I love your blog it's so cute
i hope you visit my site!

The "P" Family said...

That sounds super delicious! I will have to try it!s

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yummm bon appétit!