Tuesday, September 13, 2011

off the grid-food truck night

I was looking forward to this all week! Off the Grid SF in the upper haight. I met my brother there and we circled the whole thing at least three times because we couldn't decide what to order. Every food truck offers something different and wonderful.
I finally decided on a vietnamese sandwich (really good, huge, the bread was a little too crunchy for me and my braces but still worth it). My brother ordered an amazing Brie sandwich with homemade fries. We shared a homemade twinky  for dessert. I want to try some filipino dishes next time.
 Food coma for sure.

Ok! Off to work on a paper. I've been so nervous to write the two page essay because I haven't written anything for school in over five years. Sometimes it's hard to be a late bloomer:)


:: Lavender's Green :: said...

How cool! Vietnamese is one of my favourite cuisines. There's a great place near my work that makes those sandwiches, but I always order the lemongrass beef rice noodle bowl and love it so much I never branch out to anything else!

x Jasmine