Saturday, September 10, 2011


I need new glasses so we stole my brother's and did a mini shoot.
how do we look?

here are some favorites from
random sites.

I like this look.
from here.

so carefreeee. from here.

freaky or cute?
i think cute.
I hope my kids have glasses like me.
from here.

love this:  from here.

and I leave you with:
love her.
i want these lenses from Oliver People.

who's excited for her new show??


Happy Saturday!
about to try Steven's bloody mary with kraut juice. Kraut juice?? they bought it yesterday and it actually tastes really good and we thought it would be good in some bloody mary's which I love.
then off to the Farmer's Market and a Giants game tonight! Emilie and Steven leave today after spending a week with me:( Emilie is going to do a guest post with the pictures from their trip.