Monday, September 12, 2011

i shooulllda been a hip hop dancer.

oh good lord.
Jomar (who is one of my dearest friends is an amazing dancer)
he's real pushy too.
he teaches hip-hop in the Mission and that just sounded like so hip. right?
we went to:
right on 24th and mission.

I am not cool.

I'm cute and tiny and you just want to put me in your pocket! (or so i've been told)

He talked me into taking a class with him.
I have no rhythm.

I took some pics.

thank goodness there was no video.

we performed to this song by Jay Z and Kanye.

I feel like I looked like Jessica Alba in this video:

Ok. I took some pictures of this experience and will continue to keep livin out my hip hop life.
some pics from our evening.

It was a fun night-and in the end I was glad that I did it.
got a little out of my comfort zone.
ALOT out of my comfort zone.