Sunday, October 9, 2011

sunday night dinner

I wanted to start a feature on this here blog.
Sunday night dinner!

Remember one of my goals.
to cook/bake more:
so I'm hoping that we can make this a tradition:)
hey...if the jersey shore can do it.
we can too!

we went to the farmer's market on saturday and picked up some lovely green tomatoes, green beans and grapes.

I've been wanting to fry up some green tomatoes so viola!

we used this recipe:

I forgot cornmeal so I just used bread crumbs and it was still yum.
The thinner you slice the tomatoes the better.


slice these babies thin!


a little snack while I let the tomatoes sit in the buttermilk for 30 min.

roll them around

green beans

getting the skillets ready

husband on green bean duty

quick fry on each side

golden brown

porkchops from our venture to wholefoods for the first time

fried green tomatoes!


and of course I made banana bread (again)
it's too easy not too:)
I had extra ripe bananas.
added a little more brown sugar.
and added cinnamon.
so good.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend friends!


Lauren said...

Guuuuh! Those tomatoes look marvelous! Yum.