Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday night dinner (sorta)

So I promised myself I would keep on Sunday night dinners (this is only the 2nd one..) But this last weekend was full of cousin reunion time and Treasure Island Music Festival. So I made bread for the family Saturday and thought that could kinda replace Sunday...
right? right.
So I made Lemon Yogurt Bread from one of my favorite blogs: 
Smitten Kitchen.

Here is the recipe- doesn't it look sooo yummy?

Ok! here is my batch.
I made two because I kinda forgot the sugar in the first loaf....

lemon juice

letting my blueberries defrost

eggs, vanilla, sugar (I remembered!)

sugar and lemon juice for the glaze

brushing on the glaze while still warm ( I think next time I'l use half the amount) It did made the bread really moist!

So blueberryish and lemony goodness.

Miss you little blog.
I'll be better.

Happy Tuesday!


Off the Cuff said...

Y U M!!! I may have to try this!