Friday, October 7, 2011

Belden Place on a warm city night

hot in the city.

after living in humboldt for awhile and San Francisco, my little asian body is not use to heat!

I was melting when we went.

Luckily i went to dinner outside with some friends so we took advantage of the unusually warm weather.
I reunited with my dear friend Jay who I haven't seen in years. Jomar and I met him at Belden Place.
A little alley downtown with restuarants lined down it. Lights are strung about and so much outside sitting areas! Their hosts try to woo you and show you menus so you will eat at their establishment.

We went to Taverna.

sorry for the poor quality. I cannot wait to get the iphone and have a flash.
and my dad let me borrow the camera for a bit! 
so hopefully i'll put that into use.

we got the truffle mac and cheese to share because Jay was running late and I was starving...
we devoured and it and forgot to take a picture!
so I just got this picture...

our evening:

then of course we did a photo shoot while waiting
for the train.

I hope to take the hubby here to celebrate when he's actually all moved in:)

Happy Friday!


Maggie May said...

i love your profile pictures! so cute.

The "P" Family said...

Aww I know these two! Their photo shoot screams "Sears Back to School mall fashion show circa 1999." I love it!