Saturday, October 22, 2011

treasure island music festival

Sunday was a day full of music and a beautiful time at the Treasure Island Music Festival. It was so gorgeous out and the view of San Francisco was breathtaking!
Who doesn't want to listen to music under the stars? and with dancing jellyfish?

Here are some pictures that we took along with pictures my wonderful cousin took. 
Follow her blog:
and here are some of her pictures:

My cousin and the siblings

and a few from me! and not an iphone:)
it's hard to get back into the mode of using an actual camera.

Chris and Julie!

and now a little video of the jellyfish:

I can't wait for next year.
I wish that I had it in me to go both days of the festival.
I wish I had gone last year because She & Him were there!
If I saw Zooey in real life.
I would cry.
and then sing to her.



Jada said...

I love going to music festivals, and I'm jealous that you were in San Francisco! (That's my favorite place) :D Thanks by the way for having me on your blog list! Your blog is pretty snazzy too <3