Thursday, October 6, 2011

a photo opportunity with a couch

hello little blog!
i've missed you.

I went on a trip to Humboldt, I had homework! (still so weird to say), annnddd I've been feeling a little like: what am I doing? was going back to school a good decision? was being a theatre major a good idea? So sometimes when I get like that i eat donuts, cut my bangs weird, and watch a lot of mtv. 
have a pity party with myself! yay!
and probably gained a few pounds.

but enough of that! 
back to the blog, realizing I should be thankful! and celebrating that the husband finally got transferred to San Francisco! It's been over a month that we have been apart and doing the long distance thing. It's tough after you've been married and living together. I felt a little guilty exploring the city without him. But no more guilt because in a week or so we will be together! It will be interesting to see how our little studio will hold up with the BFG ( an endearing nickname that my little brothers gave their brother in law:) and it's one of my favorite children's books!) and little me.

I have lots of fun adventures that I've been on but I'll post about a quick little one.
I have half a donut to finish.

So last weekend I visited Humboldt and we helped friends move in to their house.
I've always wanted to take those cool pictures with a chair in the desert, a couch on a highway, etc.
As we were driving to the girls' new house, I spotted a wonderfully looking vintage couch in a little field! 

Perfect! So charming!

We grabbed two of the girls to scout it out.
As we started to walk towards it, I started to freak out a little...
I forgot about bugs.

As I walked up to the couch I saw two huge spiders crawl in and out of the pillows. 
bees were flying all around.
little gnats.


so we took one a little far way from it.
we were actually a little squeamish here and trying not to laugh.

so we took this one next.

It looks like we are quite comfortable but as soon as kris snapped this picture we 
then we all ran to the car.
and told the rest of the girls that it wasn't a good photo op for all of us...
and I'm gripping amy's hand very tightly and valerie is holding on to dear life to amy...
I'm pretty sure the lady who lived next door (it was probably her couch) was laughing at us thru her window...

no more random couch pictures.



Becky said...

I love this because I can see this scenario happening to me. Bugs ruin everything!!!

Liv Lundelius said...

I wish you would have been able to take the couch home! Silly bugs.