Saturday, September 1, 2012

Today in September

It's the first day of September!
Today is a cozy day (very humboldt kind of day) in San Francisco.
I can (FINALLY) can use my Muni clipper card in my adorable fox card holder. It wasn't worth it money wise to buy one for the summer. No more scrambling for change. One time I paid my bus fare in all nickels.
That took quite a bit...

This is the one of the first Saturdays where sleeping in can happen, muffins are made by my lovely cousin/roommate, pumpkin coffee with hazelnut creamer in my favorite mug is making it feel like fall, a thank you card and wedding pictures are waiting to be looked at, and and a hike is being planned with Dustin and Jody as we speak.
It's time for cozy knitting by the fire (we have two fireplaces!). I should probably organize my needles better. I love this box that the hubby got for me which store them right now.

This weekend is full of mini adventures.
First our hike.
Tonight we go on a double date in the city with friends from Humboldt and we are going to some of my favorite places in the city and my go-to for visitors.
Churchill. Delfina. Bi-rite. The Box.
It's going to be a food coma kinda of night.
Then tomorrow we venture off the the Alameda Flea Market! The never-ending flea market where a hoarder like me will find many treasures.
oh. and look at this other adorable thank you card I received! (My dad will appreciate this)

Did I mention I finished my first week of my last semester of College? It's finally here. I've taken quite a few breaks, had some hardships, but it's here.
Have a lovely first day of September!