Monday, September 3, 2012

A mini Saturday hike

As promised, we went on a hike Saturday morning. I was pleasantly surprised to see more friends! All of the Taylor clan were there along with Jody and Michelle. Which meant some of my most favorite children were there. Annabelle and Issac were both in my wedding so It's always fun to have play dates with them. They are so so sweet and at such a fun age. 
We talked about dolphins, and whales, and how many stairs there were. Issac would point out anything that might possibly be moving in the water or an airplane in the sky. Which I thought was adorable. I think we talked about dolphins so much and that's the reason my dreams were filled with petting dolphins. 

from Jody's camera

We ended the afternoon going to a chinese restaurant. If you want a deal. Go here. Their lunch special was about five dollars and it could feed two people and maybe a small person. Kris and I should have listened and shared but we didn't so my plate was this big.