Wednesday, September 12, 2012

breakfast and a trip to humboldt

My dad was in town so we wanted to try a breakfast spot we had never been to. But it wasn't open until 8 so we went to an old favorite, Chloe's.  We were earlybirds Sunday morning because we had to take our house guests to the airport then drive 5 hours to Humboldt.
I love love Chloe's and I always recommend this quaint Noe Valleyish spot to visitors. I think I love it so much because it has a lot of memories for me. I used to live near Chloe's and it makes me miss this part of the city. I've eaten many a meal with friends here so it makes me think of every single one of them.
It's a pretty small place but they have tables outside, so if you don't have a preference your wait won't be too long. Cash only and the earlier you get here the better especially if you have a big group.


I always get the same thing and I'm okay about that.
I order the Avocado and Jarlsberg cheese scramble. I add salmon and get the rosemary bread.
I always hope that Kris will get the french toast. Which he did:)

After breakfast we started the trek to Humboldt. With one quick stop at a yarn store to start a knitted cowl for Jennifer which helped the trip go by a little faster.

I wasn't paying attention and soon my yarn went crazy.
but I tamed it.

Kris had an orthodontist appointment early Monday so we wanted to get up there at a decent hour. 
We ordered Chinese on the way to my in-laws (I love the lady that owns Far east cafe) and had dinner with them while watching the Giants game (we won!) and I got to cuddle with some of my favorite pups.

Kris and I pretended we wanted to Skype with a bunch of friends late that night but we ended up surprising them at their home. And it worked! I love a good surprise!
It's so helpful that the girls live at the Startares now and everybody else just hangs out there. I get to hug quite a few friends at one house.