Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mumford & Sons

Last weekend we traveled to Monterey to go to a Gentlemen of the Road show. We went with favorite friends and only had to drive just two short hours or so. Driving to Humboldt so many times this summer has taken a toll on us, so this was a piece of cake. It was at the Monterey Fair Grounds and the whole day was filled with music, carnival rides, wine and of course fair food! All leading to Mumford & Sons. Since I always think about my height (I'm 4'11) and my husband does not (He's 6'5),  I went to the main stage quite early to start slowly edging to the front. It was so worth it. I got a little squished, had to strain a few times, lost my husband for a bit, but I found a perfect view and really we were basically right at the front.
 Our tickets were passports and you could find people or booths where you could get stamped. It wasn't that organized but when we got a stamp, I felt like a happy little kid!
I also saw a blogger that I follow from A diary of little things and curiosities. And of course I was nervous to say hello! Kris did for me since her husband is taller than him. Someone taller than Kris?? 
The next day Kris and I took our time and slowly made our way home. We stopped in Half Moon Bay at Barbara's Fish Trap for lunch. Best calamari ever. It was a wonderful way to end our summer vacation.

our tickets

My brave husband
Main Stage

from Kris's iphone

driving into the fog


emilie nicole said...

so fun! i love your little adventures.

Katia said...

that passport thing is really cool! Great photos, seems like it was a great time :)


lindsay said...

loving the pictures! ross is a tad on the obsessive side when it mumford and sons c: