Wednesday, August 31, 2011

recent eats: kimchee overload and outerlands

went to HRD today and it was divine.
in a diner sort of way.

kimchee goodness in everything we ate and wonderful customer service and it was hoppin'. My kinda place. They were just featured on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" so they have jumped in business.
Cash only and be prepared to wait in line.
huge portions under $7.

I'm trying to remember to write down what I order so here goes.
I am still without a camera so my iphone will have to do! 

Ok first. 

kimchee fried rice with fried egg: i got mine with
spicy pork

stole a bite of my dad's burrito.
He got the Korean kimchee burrito.
Kiwi salsa, korean veggies, sour cream with spicy pork.

My brother got the tofu version. 

we shared the Kimchee tacos.
kiwi salsa, korean veggies.
I loved the tacos because the kimchee wasn't warmed up and it was crunchy.
to die for.

nobody come near my breath.

Last weekend we tried out Outerlands. The N train will take you all the way to Ocean beach and to Outerlands. It's a little out there but worth it. This place is crazy busy with groups signing up for a table an hour before. They serve an amazing brunch on Sundays. Can't wait to try that.
We were first to be seated and it was adorable in there. I didn't explore much but in the back there was a ladder that led into a tiny room!
While we waited in line we got au-laits at Trouble

This was the place to be. Their speciality is Toast. They serve huge slabs of it with whatever topping you want. They also serve whole coconuts for you to enjoy there. 
i am not a coconut lover but I wish i was because it looked fun to eat!

Ok! on to Outerlands.
fun atmosphere and fresh food.
I can't remember what I got and they changed their menu already. I'll try my best.

cauliflower goodness in a soup with toast.

open faced hot sandwich with basil and cheese.

blurry camillis and ready to eat.

many posts in the making friends!