Friday, August 12, 2011

lovely afternoon date with amy

Sangria! seriously one of the best glasses of Sangria I've ever had. Lemony goodness. It's a wine bar that I just discovered and when I remember the name I'll post a link.

Vegetable Crudite
not the best for "went to the orthodontist and my teeth hurt a bit" day but delicious nonetheless.

then flower gazing on the plaza. 

then of course ending our date with photoshoot. in our aprons of course.
and yes.

 Amy is wearing a turtleneck. 
don't judge.

I took a wonderful nap with the hubby to gear us up for our last weekend in Humboldt and then to our new lives in SF. I'm ready for a weekend of good eats, drinks, and laughing with friends. Pictures to come! xoxo