Monday, August 15, 2011


this is a guilty pleasure. i have a thing for breakfast burritos. and this one is from Mcdonalds...after I took my first bite i realized how funny it was that I was reading -My life in France- and eating fast food. 

if you have not read My life in France. Go out and get it! Please? it's amazing. and I've actually read it at least 3 or 4 times and bits and pieces when I need a little inspiration.  

I love that Julia was older (32), awkward and TALL, and def. not the norm in France and she embraced it and they embraced her. If she can make it in Paris and find/pursue her dream than this little asian shortie can. That's me! 
I'm going back to school at 33 (i feel old), I'm finishing my theatre major (what to do with that?), and I'm moving back to SF with my husband (who will not be moving until he gets his transfer thru work).
It will be ok.
Late bloomers unite.

a few pictures of my last few weeks in humboldt. Busy Busy Busy in a wonderful kind of way.
dinner at the startares. i love okra! and their puppy banjo.
we eat alot of sushi
a party for friends. and my husband twirling his hair (he's a twirler when he's tired)
cupcakes from a regular where i work. chef's special from tomo.
and pic in the bathroom of sidelines.
I was at sidelines.
no judge!

too many pictures to post! I'm working on my next post of our little apartment ( i mean little) in San Francisco.