Wednesday, August 29, 2012


oh hello sweet blog.
I've been so neglectful. I blame summer. This was my first summer free from working since I was in highschool. I am so thankful for Kris for working and letting me be lazy for supporting us so that we could go on so many adventures. This summer was full of weddings, trips, concerts, houseboat 2012, river time, dinners, visitors, you name it. And we celebrated our three year anniversary. Life is sweet.

nightlife at academy of sciences

after living on the houseboat for a week. tan and happy.

brio breakfast in humboldt

painted ladies

best macarons in hayes valley

vegas birthday celebrations

vegan birthday at Millennium

500 days of summer bench


oysterfest in Arcata with two of my favorite twins

bridesmaids at benbow inn


a walk on golden gate bridge

I've been trying to clean up my blog so you may see some differences in some of the posts, so bear with me:)


lindsay said...

Oh life is so sweet c: