Sunday, December 18, 2011

it's december??

it's december?

christmas is next week?
oh goodness.
I have alot of catching up to do.

oooh boy.
I feel guilty.
I've been neglectful.

my life was full of procrastination.
and thinking about this little blog.
and getting little texts from my dad
reminding me when the last time i posted was...

But school is done!
i'm free!
it was a good semester, not as eventful as I would have liked but a solid good.
I have aaaaalot to post and they may be from the a little in the past but
i would still like to share.
Here is what I have realized these last few months since i've blogged.

I need to be more organized with school and homework...ha..ha...ha........
Being humble is a good thing.
making friends where you live is needed.
i'm a playwright!
having my husband live with me in the city is THE best.
i am more awkward than i thought i was.
humboldt is a special place.
San francisco is a wonderful place.
my neighborhood is cooler than i thought.
mannequins are not real people and one should not stand behind them when waiting in line at a store.
i still like public transportation.


i feel better.
i got that first one out.

pinterest is verrrry addicting.



KTCamilli said...

I like the part about the husband the best, I'm sure he feels the same!

KTCamilli said...
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