Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a concert on a school night

One of the reasons I love living in San Francisco is being able to do something fun every night if we wanted to! Especially concerts. We live a quick bus ride to the Independent which is wonderful and we went to see Sondre Lerche. We had wanted to splurge on Ben Gibbard tickets but lately I've been all about general admission tickets.The Ben Gibbard tickets were insanely expensive. I like when everybody in the room has the same tickets and if you want to be up close that's up to you. Now regarding Giants tickets...that's another story:)

We got there early and had a quick drink and a bite at Fly Bar then headed over to the show.
It was such a quiet and intimate concert. Everybody was so attentive with each song and it was perfectly crowded. It was nice to just stand there and have my personal space and to just...listen.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Lately at the Arguello house


These last two weeks have been full of houseguests, family, good meals, new friends, plays, and homework. 

My brother Chris and Julie visit!

My brother's brand new gray TOMS and my old ones. I think it's time for new ones...


a drink at Martuni's 

lunch made by Rusty

pasta with the best vodka sauce

September Birchbox!

when I look up

when i look down: puppies!

a wine/skype date with a long time friend

Our German study abroad friend is staying with us and he made us breakfast which was buttery goodness.

what we do 

our filipino inspired dinner

I can't believe that October is so close! A little over a month and we will be in Portland with one of our favorite couples. I've never been to Portland and I just have a feeling I'll never want to leave.
Although San Francisco has been extra wonderful lately. Beautiful days, the Giants!, and our lovely neighborhood. 
Have you visited the Arguello house yet?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

a day last week

a day last week...

i made a scramble

i tried to study but it was too pretty out

i made a portobello mushroom lasagna from smittenkitchen

i used alot of cheese

and butter. lots.

I ate quite a few heirloom tomatoes

my plate

and had frozen grapes for dessert


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

breakfast and a trip to humboldt

My dad was in town so we wanted to try a breakfast spot we had never been to. But it wasn't open until 8 so we went to an old favorite, Chloe's.  We were earlybirds Sunday morning because we had to take our house guests to the airport then drive 5 hours to Humboldt.
I love love Chloe's and I always recommend this quaint Noe Valleyish spot to visitors. I think I love it so much because it has a lot of memories for me. I used to live near Chloe's and it makes me miss this part of the city. I've eaten many a meal with friends here so it makes me think of every single one of them.
It's a pretty small place but they have tables outside, so if you don't have a preference your wait won't be too long. Cash only and the earlier you get here the better especially if you have a big group.


I always get the same thing and I'm okay about that.
I order the Avocado and Jarlsberg cheese scramble. I add salmon and get the rosemary bread.
I always hope that Kris will get the french toast. Which he did:)

After breakfast we started the trek to Humboldt. With one quick stop at a yarn store to start a knitted cowl for Jennifer which helped the trip go by a little faster.

I wasn't paying attention and soon my yarn went crazy.
but I tamed it.

Kris had an orthodontist appointment early Monday so we wanted to get up there at a decent hour. 
We ordered Chinese on the way to my in-laws (I love the lady that owns Far east cafe) and had dinner with them while watching the Giants game (we won!) and I got to cuddle with some of my favorite pups.

Kris and I pretended we wanted to Skype with a bunch of friends late that night but we ended up surprising them at their home. And it worked! I love a good surprise!
It's so helpful that the girls live at the Startares now and everybody else just hangs out there. I get to hug quite a few friends at one house.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturday in the cit-ay

Saturday was such a wonderful full day of exploring in San Francisco. We did so much! But it still felt relaxed.
Paul and Scott came to visit for the weekend and we all had such a good time with them. Can you just move here already?

Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building

best donut ever in the ferry building

Shopping at Union Square and enjoying the sunshine

someone got skinny jeans...

it was tiring walking up all those hills

Hayes Valley

Straw for Dinner

Such a beautiful day with family and THE most perfect weather.